(my favorite tunes!)


temper by bulldog eyes

peach moon by the unicorns

bloodeater by mom

im yr dog by richie woods

white awakening by les rallizes denudes

happiness by starry cat

molly by alex g

my neighbor is a drug dealer by beagles

gnaw by alex g

the tender surrender by eat babies?

cool by mom

giving bad people good ideas by death grips

the daughter of the fish and the ram by the scary jokes

a mannequin adrift by the scary jokes

MG1 by machine girl

Boss Theme 2 by Mason Lindroth

neighborhood by bulldog eyes

go hard u-mix by yellow bile/figaro the kid

yellow horse by cats millionare

staple tapeworms on my penis by PASSENGER OF SHIT

hyrbid moments by helvetia

bears bears bears by tirolean tape

wrath of the termite king by the scary jokes